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CrossFit is a form of Strength and Conditioning training, incorporating various functional movements and intense workouts.

Whether you're a fitness newbie or a seasoned athlete, our expert coaches will guide you through each exhilarating exercise, helping you reach new heights of strength and endurance.


Our functional strength class focuses on building, improving & developing overall strength, mobility and stability for every day movements used in everyday life. 

Individuals can experience whole-body toning and conditioning. This type of exercise is suitable for anyone, as it offers a wide range of benefits that positively impact overall appearance and well-being.


This class is a 30min mobility session to help you recover and improve flexibility. 


A typical session may include dynamic movement/stretching, static holds, as well as IASM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation).


A 30min class to get your youngsters moving and having fun. With a wide range of games and drills at our coaches disposal to guide our kids through a variety of functional movements to help their physical development of strength, coordination and awareness.


A 45min class designed for young athletes 12-17 years old that are looking for a way to build their strength and improve their aerobic capacity for general fitness, or to supplement their current sporting commitments.


Longevity In Functional Efficiency... L.I.F.E is a 45min class designed for our 55yr+ athletes.


This is a scaled version mixing components of our Strength and CrossFit class, with our coaches breaking down each functional movement to be used as a safe and effective tool to increase our clients strength, and capacity (fitness).


Our Boxing HIT (High-Intensity Training) Workout is an exhilarating and intense fitness session that combines the power and precision of boxing techniques with weight training.

This high-energy workout is suitable for all fitness levels, as our trainers provide modifications and options to ensure everyone can participate and progress at their own pace. Get ready to punch, jab, and sweat your way to a stronger and fitter you.

Bring your own boxing gloves or you can purchase some at reception for $35.00

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